Cate's Poems


Resting State

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In the sway of our dark
and beautiful habits,
there were things we couldn’t
attest to: a morning
clear-clocked with light.
Black gum leaves
hung two-ply
with their shadows, how
the world shimmers
twice as crowded
as we make it out
to be. The sun.
Shades. That lounge
in pockmarked avenues
along our running
routes. We were renegade
through endless limbs,
returned to honeycombs
of rooms, their solitary
tasks. Tried latching on
to crowds. To keep us
on our feet. Somehow days
dominoed, once fallen,
never passed. We were each
the last one standing, tongues
tied as musical staffs.
When asked forward
we stepped, saw
only our back
at our back.