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"Suppose the Function is Praise"
Poetry Daily, January 10, 2018

"Litany for Permission"
TriQuarterly, Summer 2017

RealPoetik, May 21, 2017

The Iowa Review, Poem-a-Day, April 8, 2017

"Better Self"
Vinyl Poetry and Prose, October 14, 2016

"Dysthymia:  Stagnant Traffic"
Linebreak, Fall 2016

"So Lord I think I figured out the light"
Horsethief, Summer 2016

The Adroit Journal, Spring 2016

Endurance Training
Gulf Coast, Spring 2015

Late, in a Time of Splendor
Poetry Daily, November 12, 2014

Narrative, 2015

The Journal, Fall 2013

Self-Indictment with Arrhythmia”  
The Journal, Fall 2013

Love Poem with a Dropped Stitch
Crazyhorse, Number 84




"Dear Lord if I am meant to boast" and "Say why You keep on blessing me Lord"
Tin House, Summer Reading 2017

“Missing” Subtropics, forthcoming Fall 2016

“Exit Liturgy” Southern Indiana Review, Spring 2016

Fertility Treatments, ToastThe Cincinnati Review, Summer 2016

In Controlled Burn, Unversed,” “Engagements We Break, to KeepDenver Quarterly, Spring 2016

Film Noir: Homelessness,” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, forthcoming Winter 2016

“Story with a Base Hit, Some Sting in It”  Third Coast, forthcoming 2015

“Mute Song”  The Seattle Review, forthcoming 2015

“[We're beginning to see]” River Styx, forthcoming Fall 2015 

“Late, in a Time of Splendor,” “Refrain” American Poetry Review, Nov/Dec 2014

“[It wasn’t a fast break]”  Mid-American Review, Spring 2014

“Inheritance,” “Collective”  West Branch, Fall 2014

“[I find every stopgap town]” The Iowa Review, Winter 2013/14

“Resting State”  Crazyhorse, Number 84

“Homestand”  Crab Orchard Review, July 2013

“Taking Care”  Best New Poets 2012

“The Wanting”  Washington Square Review, Fall 2012

“Ode to the Body” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Winter 2011

"There Are No Garbage Days" 32 Poems, Spring/Summer 2015




Sure as 6-4-3” at Some Call It Ballin’

Marjoram, Most Likely” at Petit Four




Contributor's Marginalia: Cate Lycurgus 
on "Midafternoon" by Anna Lena Phillips Bell

Contributor’s Marginalia: J.P. Grasser  
on “There Are No Garbage Days” by Cate Lycurgus